Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping and Maintenance

Parking Lot Sweeping Increases Safety As Well As Aesthetics

Removing debris reduces slip and fall accidents. A safe environment means lower insurance rates for your community. Removing trash from the road and keeping your community clean encourages people to throw their trash onto a sparkling clean property.


Cleansweep of Bend is a parking lot sweeping company and has been servicing the central Oregon area since 1986.  We use state of the art Tymco 210 broom-vac sweepers that are equipped with a regenerative air system keeping dust levels low. Our customer service representatives use backpack blowers to blow debris from around buildings, loading docks, islands, parking lot perimeters, entry ways, sidewalks, and vacuum all paved areas.  We guarantee the highest standards in pavement cleaning and these standards will be provided consistently.  

Our customers are very important to us and they are the reason we strive to deliver the best service in parking lot sweeping in the Central Oregon area.  We at Cleansweep guarantee our work. If for any reason our customers are not satisfied with a particular service, I ask they notify me and Cleansweep will return, at no charge, and sweep their facility to their satisfaction.

Parking Lot Sweeping Increases The Life of Your Asphalt and Concrete

Sand, dirt and trash are abrasive. Having abrasive material on asphalt and concrete reduces the life span of these areas. Removing these pollutants from the area allows for a cleaner environment as well as keeps dirt and debris out of the sewers therefore, preventing storm water runoff.


Parking Lot Sweeping Increases Property Value

The real estate industry will tell you that it is all about location, location, location when selling a home. This means your individual community also. A well maintained community not only offers that pristine appearance but tells prospective homeowners that the residents of the community care and take pride in their space. A well maintained community reflects directly upon the management professional.

Cleansweep of Bend - Parking Lot Sweeping in Bend

Parking Lot Sweeping Decreases The Amount of Dirt and Debris

From the street to the door, walking through dirt and debris will find its way into homes clogging furnace filters and making a costly mess of pools and furniture. Storms blow it in and feet carry it in but a cleaner street will result in cleaner homes and happier tenants and community dwellers.